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Miseno pizza, Family - owned and operated pizzeria - Italian restaurant

Miseno pizza is a typical pizzeria and Italian restaurant. Located on Deer Park Ave, just between Deer Park and Dix Hills. Our pizzeria is owned and managed by the family. As soon you walk into our place, or just placing  an order over the phone, you’re spending time with our family!
So  let's start from the name.
Miseno is a small promontory, included in the Phlegraean fields, watched by an iconic lighthouse.  Is characterized by high tuff stone cliffs overlooking the sea, and represents the northern point of the Gulf of Naples.
It was one of the first landing points of Magna Graecia. Later on for the Romans it became one of the most important ports of the Tyrrhenian Sea and a renowned spa town. Linked to the myths of Aeneas, Daedalus and the Cumaean Sibyl.
Today, Miseno together with all the Phlegraean fields, it is a place of leisure and vacation for thousands of tourists.
Ports, excellent cuisine, beaches, history, myths, and why not dance clubs.
Let's say that for us Cape Miseno represents: childhood, leisure, and summer, but also our history and our heritage.

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Cape Miseno

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